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Have you ever wondered where your last name comes from? Would you like to know where your ancestors were five hundred or even a thousand years ago? Have you ever seen your family's coat of arms? Would you like to have it hanging on the wall of your living room?

We have a database with 228,868 Spanish, French, Portuguese, British, Italian, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Slavic and Arab last names - as well as researchers to continue investigating if your last name is not yet available in our database. If you like, you can purchase your family coat of arms and the history of your last name and receive it in a digital file.

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Most of the last names that we currently use hail from Europe in the Middle Ages. In the case of Spain, most last names originated after the Moors were defeated and power had returned to the Spanish kings. To reward them for their service to Spain, warriors who helped defeat the Moors received land, noble titles and a last name - generally, the same name as the place where their land was located.
In other cases, prefixes or suffixes were added to a father's last name. In France and Normandy, the prefix "fitz" ("son") was added (Fitzpatrick); in Spain, the son of Gonzalo was named González, and the Scandinavians added "son" to identify offspring (Johnson, Eriksson). Swedish names reflect the people's love for nature, as can be seen in last names like berg (mountain) and blom (flower).
In spite of the relatively recent origin of most last names in the West, there are surnames in Asia that date back 3,000 years when a Chinese emperor decreed the passing on of family names..
In other cultures, the use of last names was not required until the 20th century. This was the case in Turkey, where surnames did not become mandatory until 1935.

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